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Epoxy Flooring • Concrete Polishing

Concrete Floor Polishing & Grinding Services

Concrete Floor Polishing & Grinding Services

In addition to offering a range of other products and services, Neoseal offers two types of flooring systems popular in many industrial and commercial workplaces: epoxy and urethane. While each of these different floors has different characteristics, both are very customizable.

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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors have a number of benefits that make them a great choice for many different industries including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical and electrical companies.

  • Resistant and easy to maintain. Epoxy floor systems are resistant to a number of different types of chemical and environmental factors, and they are particularly resistant to chemicals. This makes protecting your floor from chemical leaks and spills much easier.
  • Cost-effective solution. Epoxy flooring can be easily used to refurbish old, damaged floors.
  • Safe. Epoxy floor systems meet a number of safety requirements including slip and fire resistance. Our contractors and consultants will be able to find the right solution for your company.
  • Easy installation. Installing your new epoxy flooring will not significantly hamper company operations, and we will minimize your downtime. In fact, in many cases, floors can be walked on within one day. And, within four days, epoxy floors are safe to drive on.

Urethane Flooring

The other type of flooring system that Neoseal offers is urethane flooring systems. Urethanes are used as a top coat over an epoxy base, and come with their own benefits:

  • UV resistant. Urethane is naturally very resistant to the effects of the UV rays in sunlight, preventing surfaces from yellowing in sunlight.
  • Resistant. Besides being abrasion-resistant, urethane systems also offer a high level of resistance to chlorinated solvents, hydraulic fluids, jet fuels, acids, alkalis, alcohol, detergents, salt, cutting oil and grease. Urethane flooring systems are also very resistant to impacts and fire.
  • Safety. Urethane floors also provide superior slip resistance and meet all health and safety requirements.
  • Cost-effective. In addition to being easy to maintain and hygienic, urethane flooring is also a very cost-effective option because they can be applied over existing flooring, resulting in cost savings over replacement or other alternative flooring options.
  • Customizable. Neoseal’s urethane floor systems are very customizable, and can meet a wide range of needs. A Neoseal consultant will be able to advise you on flooring system options.

Why Choose Neoseal for New Epoxy or Urethane Flooring

We have been providing a wide range of true commercial grade urethane and epoxy floor coatings used in industrial and retail environments such as manufacturing and food plants, healthcare environments, distribution centers, garages and many more. Our protective floor coatings offer true resistance against abrasion from high traffic areas and chemical residues found in many manufacturing plants. The products used are crack resistant and offer both flexibility and strength in extremely hot and cold temperatures. Every project is always fully-insured, and we believe in taking all proper safety precautions, every time. All coatings we provide are durable, easy to clean, and we maintain the highest standards in the industry.

To explore Neoseal’s flooring options for your business, call us today at 416-833-4411 or Toll Free: 1-866-767-1848. Our expert team will suggest a flooring system option that will meet your needs and your budget, will personalize the service to fit your requirements, and will deliver within tight lead times.

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Epoxy Flooring • Concrete Polishing

Neoseal Inc., believes in delivering both aesthetics and durability to our clients’ properties. Our work revolves around the installation of high-quality flooring solutions that’s not only visually appealing but also built to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh conditions.

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