Decorative Flooring & Concrete Staining Services

Epoxy Flooring • Concrete Polishing

Decorative Flooring & Concrete Staining Services

Decorative Flooring & Concrete Staining Services

Decorative broadcast systems, a method of staining concrete, is a popular way of creating durable, attractive flooring surfaces and walls.

Contact Neoseal today at 416-833-4411 or Toll Free: 1-866-767-1848 to learn more about decorative flooring and concrete staining services. All coatings we provide are durable and easy to clean, and we maintain the highest standards in the industry.

The Concrete Staining Process

Decorative broadcast systems use blended quartz aggregate or vinyl-colored flakes to create a multi-colored broadcast finish for floors and walls. An optional transparent polyurethane base coat can then be added to improve the resistance and durability of the finished surface.

The two components of decorative seamless floor systems allow for a high level of customization. First, the even distribution of the quartz granules or vinyl flakes provides the surface color. While there are a number of standard color combinations available, colors can be combined in a variety of ways to create a customized look.

The optional clear coating can also be manipulated in a number of ways. For example, the surface texture can be changed to create different levels of slip resistance, making stained concrete ideal for areas that are regularly wet or exposed to water.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete Flooring

Applying a decorative concrete stain offers practical benefits in addition to improving the concrete’s appearance.

  • The process creates surfaces that are tough, low-maintenance, seamless, hygienic, and slip resistant. This means that treated flooring can handle a range of environmental conditions that would damage other surfaces.
  • Stained concrete is able to handle high traffic environments and it is very UV-stable, so it doesn’t discolor in sunny areas.

Decorative Concrete Flooring Options

The choice of quartz or vinyl in the epoxy produces different results in decorative concrete flooring. Quartz aggregates create slip resistant properties, whereas vinyl flake epoxies are better for decorative purposes and tend to better hide imperfections in floors. Different combinations of aggregates can produce surfaces that are more decorative or more slip resistant, depending on customers’ needs.

There are several variations of decorative broadcast systems that can be used for particular purposes:

  • Clear epoxy can be applied over a concrete floor or a decorative overlay floor, resulting in a beautiful finish.
  • Using one solid color creates a more durable and stain-resistant alternative to paint for walls and floors.
  • Acid-based chemical stains or water-based acrylic stains can be used to achieve different color patterns on concrete surfaces ranging from deep translucent color effects to a marble-like appearance.

Why Choose Neoseal for Decorative Flooring and Concrete Staining Services?

For more than 20 years Neoseal has been providing a wide range of true commercial grade urethane and epoxy floor coatings used in industrial and retail environments such as manufacturing and food plants, healthcare environments, distribution centers, garages and more.

Neoseal’s decorative flooring and concrete staining services are popular in many places, including hospitals, schools, government buildings, residential garages, showrooms, retail and restaurant floors, offices and industrial locations, because of the flooring’s true resistance against abrasion from high traffic areas, and from chemical residues found in many manufacturing environments. The products used are crack resistant, and offer both flexibility and strength in extremely hot and cold temperatures.

Contact Neoseal today at 416-833-4411 or Toll Free: 1-866-767-1848 to learn more about decorative flooring and concrete staining services. All coatings we provide are durable and easy to clean, and we maintain the highest standards in the industry.

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Epoxy Flooring • Concrete Polishing

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