Special Flooring Services

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Special Flooring Services

Special Flooring Services

Neoseal is proud to have been providing customers with a wide range of industrial and commercial flooring systems for more than 20 years.

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The following list highlights just some of the specialized flooring options available through Neoseal, and reasons why customers choose our products and services:

Low-Odor. Neoseal offers low-odor floor installation by using flooring and coatings products specifically designed to reduce odors.

Fast Turnaround. By using quick-curing flooring and coatings that are usually cured within an hour, long-term shutdowns or significant operations disruptions aren’t necessary.

Cold Temperature Installation. Our flooring systems can be installed even under cold conditions (temperatures as low as 35°F) because we use special epoxies. This sets our products apart from typical flooring systems which can’t be installed at temperatures below 50°F.

Thermal Shock Resistance. Many workplaces like food processing facilities create thermal shock conditions that can damage floors by causing paint failure, among other things. Neoseal offers flooring systems with thermal shock resistance that can withstand thermal shock without peeling, flaking or chipping.

Antimicrobial. We offer flooring systems with anti-microbial additives that help to kill bacteria and mold. And because these flooring systems are seamless, they offer fewer spaces for bacteria and mold to establish themselves in the first place, making the workplace more hygienic.

Moisture Vapor Control. Over time, moisture can penetrate a slab, and capillary action uses this moisture to excrete a high ph liquid which can cause coating bond failures. This results in the epoxy of the floor peeling, bubbling or discharging a substance that looks like oil. Neoseal offers tests to establish moisture content and moisture vapor transmission, and can help identify ways to handle the problem.

Extra Heavy Duty. Neoseal also offers extra heavy duty flooring options, well-suited for high-traffic environments. These flooring systems can be applied at a greater thickness for increased durability so they will last significantly longer than other flooring systems under same conditions.

Chemical Resistance. Because floors are porous by nature, chemicals can cause damage through corrosion. This damage can be prevented with a proper sealant that will prevent chemicals from getting into the pores of flooring systems. These flooring systems are particularly useful in commercial kitchens, labs and food production facilities where chemical damage can severely damage floors.

EDS Flooring System. In some industrial and commercial environments static discharge is a major problem. Neoseal is able to offer ESD flooring systems to deal with this problem. Through the use of both conductive and static-dissipative flooring systems, Neoseal will be able to meet your company’s electrical resistance needs.

Slip Resistance. Slip-resistant epoxy coatings are required by health and safety regulations in areas that are likely to have wet or slick floors, such as food processing operations. Neoseal offers a range of slip-resistant flooring options which can be applied with a range of textures to meet your company’s needs.

Sealers and Hardeners. Neoseal also offers a range of sealers and hardeners that offer different types of protection when applied to flooring systems. Sealers are used to create a protective layer over concrete floors, offering resistance to chemical attacks or stains. Hardeners make concrete floors stronger and more durable by penetrating the concrete surface and binding with, and chemically reacting to, the concrete.

UV Polyutherane Sealers. The UV light in sunlight can cause fading and yellowing over time. UV Polyutherane sealers applied on concrete surfaces offer protection from this type of damage. Besides being resistant to UV damage after curing, flooring will also be more durable and chemical-resistant.

Why Choose Neoseal for Specialized Commercial Flooring

For more than 20 years, Neoseal has been providing a wide range of true commercial grade urethane and epoxy floor coatings used in industrial and retail environments such as manufacturing and food plants, healthcare environments, distribution centers, garages and many more. All projects are fully insured, and we insist on using proper safety precautions with every installation.

Having the right flooring system is vital for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of industrial and commercial facilities. Neoseal’s experts can advise you on a flooring system that will be able to meet your needs, within your budget, and within your time frame. To request a quote or get more information, contact us today by calling 416-833-4411 or Toll Free: 1-866-767-1848.

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Epoxy Flooring • Concrete Polishing

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